Aug 15, 2016 - By Dallas Tester

Flash player embed deprecation

TL;DR: The Flash player embed is going to be deprecated as of August 29, 2016. Developers should move to a supported embed to avoid any problems.

What’s happening?

As we march toward a completely HTML5 video player, we want to ensure that our community of developers moves with us. With that in mind, we’re deprecating the Flash player embed as of August 29th. The Flash player may continue to work in the short-term but will be removed at any time without notice. If you run into problems with the embed, there will be no support channels available for it. This deprecation applies to any player not shown in the documentation.

How do I fix it?

Our documentation on GitHub has code snippets and information on how to embed the supported player. The two options are interactive and non-interactive embeds. The biggest difference between the two is that the interactive embed has a JavaScript API you can use to control the player while non-interactive doesn’t have an API available.


Come on over to the developer forums or ask on Twitter!

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