Sep 30, 2016 - By Evan Freitas

TwitchCon 2016 Keynote: New product round up

A lot went down at the TwitchCon 2016 Keynote Address and we’re here to bring you all the juicy details and new product announcements. Everyone has been hard at work and are proud to introduce some great new features, products and improvements, so read on!

Twitch Prime

From the moment Twitch was acquired by Amazon, integrating Prime benefits specifically for Twitch was one of the most requested and talked about possibilities. And now we are happy to bring you Twitch Prime, the best deal for gamers, ever. Simply put, Twitch Prime is the new premium version of Twitch that comes free with every Amazon Prime membership. It includes similar perks to Turbo and all the benefits of Amazon Prime, free game loot, a free Twitch channel subscription every 30 days, and more… Find out everything you’ll get with a Twitch Prime membership.

Curse + Twitch

Now that Curse has joined the Twitch family, it’s time for the Curse app to become a bit more…Twitchified. So, starting now, you can customize the Curse color schemes to one of many options, including our personal favorite, Twitch Purple. And when you link your Twitch ID to your Curse account, all global emotes will be made available and subscriber emotes will also be available to channel subscribers. Read more here.


We’ve heard you! Our goal is to provide transcodes to every streamer on Twitch. We know streamers need these options to grow their audiences, and those audiences need them to enjoy the streams. Starting Monday, we are extending video quality options to even more non-partnered streamers and will continue to increase capacity over the next few months. All told, we expect to increase transcode capacity by over 10 times our current capabilities. Learn more about transcodes here.

Loyalty Badges

As close-knit communities have grown around specific channels, many partners have been asking for ways to reward longer-term subscribers. Now we’re happy to announce a way to do just that. With Loyalty Badges, streamers can award special tenure-based badges for subs to celebrate subscription milestones. This feature will be launching in three weeks to allow Partners time to design and create Loyalty Badges that reflect the unique personalities of their communities. More details on Loyalty badges are hiding out here.


We’re psyched to introduce two new ways to help you clip faster and easier than ever.

  • Clips on Mobile: You can now create, view and share clips from both recorded videos and live streams right in the Twitch app. Clips on mobile is available on the latest version of the Twitch App on both iOS and Android right now. Read more on our Education portal.

  • Clip Trimming: With the new clip trimming tool, you can edit out extra time from the start and end of a clip right when you create it. It’s super easy. Clip trimming will be available to everyone some time in October.


It’s no secret that the vast majority of the content on Twitch is streamed live. But that doesn’t mean that videos don’t play a big part in the community. We know that streaming live can be very challenging for some people and even the most dedicated streamer can’t stream all the time. As of today, any user can upload videos to Twitch for anyone to watch. Streamers may also download past streams and use the footage to create on-demand videos for their viewers to watch whenever they want. We’ve got a dedicated blog post right here.

Stay tuned to the Twitch Blog and @Twitch for more TwitchCon updates as they happen!

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