Jan 11, 2017 - By Dallas Tester

Welcome to the New Year and the Clips Discovery API!

TL;DR: We did a lot in 2016! To kick off 2017, we have a new Clips Discovery API for you to use.

Welcome to the new year, Twitch Developers!

Over the past year, we’ve accomplished a lot! We’ve committed to our developer community, enforced Client-ID for the API, debuted our PubSub system, wrote a new Developer Agreement, added a video upload API, announced the new v5 version of the API, and shipped all new docs for v5. We’re keeping the momentum as we move into 2017 with our newest API: Clips Discovery!

Clips Discovery API

Our developer community has been asking for an API to find the best Clips to share on their website or social channels. With the Clips Discovery API, you can easily find viewers’ favorite moments on Twitch. You can search for Clips by game, channel, or from a user’s followed games. Clips can be retrieved by time period, viewcount, or trending popularity.

Once you’ve retrieved the Clips with the API, you can embed them in your website or grab the URLs to share via social channels. These APIs provide a building block to engage your community with the latest and greatest content directly from Twitch.

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with WWG on this launch. WWG is a comprehensive gaming and esports news source that reports on all the latest and greatest in mobile, console and PC gaming. WWG uses the Clips Discovery API to source the hottest content in real time. Through their integration, WWG enables their readers to discover fresh and relevant content from the games and communities they are interested in.

We can’t wait to see what you build with the Clips Discovery API! Build something cool? Send it to us on Twitter @TwitchDev! We also want your feedback on how we can continue to improve the API. Please submit your feedback on Twitch UserVoice!

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