Jul 5, 2017 - By Kyle (Monkey on Strike)

Announcing TwitchCon’s Super Awesome Creative Corner

If you draw comics on Twitch, we want to see you at TwitchCon. If you make sculptures on Twitch, we want to see you at TwitchCon. If you crochet plushies with your feet while blacksmithing with your hands, we really, really want to see you at TwitchCon — until then, Clips or it didn’t happen.

Creativity is a key part of what makes Twitch, Twitch. And nothing exemplifies that passion like our Creative streamers. Twitch started with video games, and games will always be a huge part of what we do, and it continues to evolve to support passions beyond gaming. Thankfully, the Long Beach Convention Center has plenty of room for all of us. Today, we’d like to talk about the Creative Corner, what will be going on there, and why creators and viewers alike should check it out on October 20–22.

Creative streamers, we’re giving you the tools to make TwitchCon an amazing experience! Showcase your work in the art gallery, sell your creations in Artist Alley, or compete for cash on stage in the Twitch Creative Cosplay Contest. As for everyone else, be sure to swing by the Creative Corner at TwitchCon this year. You may find a new streamer or two to follow, and you never know how or when inspiration will strike.

Cosplayers, Compete on Stage

Submit your costumes for the chance to be flown out to TwitchCon to participate in our on-stage cosplay contest! Competition will be tough, which is why we’ve raised last year’s amount to a $70,000 prize pool for our talented winners.

Submissions open on July 5 at 1PM PT and remain open until September 5 at noon PT.

For more on our cosplay contest, go here.

Sell Your Work in the Artist Alley

Apply for a booth in the Artist Alley and you could sell your creations directly to fans on the show floor.

For $250, you’ll receive three exhibitor’s badges, a 10x10 space with a table, access to a storage area, and more. If you exhibited at TwitchCon 2016, you’ll get first priority this year. Submissions last from July 5 through August 5, or until all spots are filled.

For full details about becoming a vendor, go here.

The Artists’ Gallery

Artists, we want to help you showcase your stuff for thousands of TwitchCon attendees.

You may submit one work that you made on a Twitch Creative stream. We’re looking for a variety of art, so show us what you’ve got! We’ll select pieces from the submissions, which will be printed as high quality canvas prints or shown off in a digital gallery — the latter can be used to present non-printable art like 3D work, sculptures, animations, and all the other crazy creations you make.

For submissions and full requirements, go here.

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