Sep 12, 2017 - By Kathy Astromoff

Twitch Extensions and Twitch API — Now Live!

Last week was a watershed moment for developers, streamers, and Twitch. We launched two new opportunities to revolutionize streaming using the Twitch Developer Platform: Twitch Extensions and the new Twitch API. These products empower both developers and streamers to influence and evolve Twitch’s amazing community.

First, we revealed Twitch Extensions. Extensions are live apps for live streams. They’re created by the community, for the community, and are integrated directly on Twitch. They’re flexible, dynamic, easy to build, and easy to use. All streamers can enable Extensions via the Extensions Manager, and all developers can sign up and begin building them.

Next, we announced the new Twitch API. It’s built from the ground up to help developers make must-have tools for streamers. Our improvements focus on simplicity and reliability.

Developers now have exactly the data they need about Twitch users, their streams, and their followers. Webhooks, coming very soon, notify a developer proactively about events that happen on a channel. Our new status page tells you how well the Twitch API is working. And, going forward, we’ll be releasing new and groundbreaking data only available on Twitch, such as our new Metadata API which is available now. These new APIs use the power of machine learning to drive our Overwatch and Hearthstone directories, using data about both the game and the livestream. There are infinite ways to use this data to help Overwatch and Hearthstone streamers, and we’ll be adding support for more games and more metadata types soon.

Twitch is here to help! In addition to these exciting new solutions, we have published our public roadmap so we can transparently help you build the future with Twitch. This is our first step toward a two-way dialogue with developers about our shared priorities — please share your feedback in our developer forums.

Ready to learn more? Here’s how:

  • Start building! Jump right into the documentation for Extensions and the new Twitch API

  • Watch our announcement from the platform reveal event

  • Join us at TwitchCon Developer Day, taking place October 19, 2017 in Long Beach. We’ll share another roadmap update and the day will be filled with sessions about the Twitch Developer Platform

Today, streamers can start collaborating with an army of creative problem-solvers — many of them streamers and mods themselves — who want to help build their community. And developers can now build apps that can be used all across Twitch — enabling viewers to interact and communicate in ways that weren’t possible until now. Together, we can build happier, more engaged communities on Twitch.

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