Mar 7, 2019 - By Ruby Betten

Cool stuff to eat, see, and do in San Diego

We’re coming back to San Diego once again for TwitchCon 2019. As always, we’ll have tons of games, meet and greets, and other fun things for you to do at the San Diego Convention Center, but once the doors close for the night, you might need some tips to keep the party going.

We’ve recruited Twitch streamers and San Diego experts AnneMunition, Dracontious, GamrEnchantment, Jericho, KuraiNozomi, Samzorz to help share some of the best spots the city has to offer. Here are their recommendations for food, sightseeing, nerdy hangouts, and more to help make your TwitchCon experience the best yet.



Werewolf: As the self-appointed Burger Queen, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Werewolf and their incredible burgers. I’m dying for a Bourbon Bacon burger with Super Cali Calamari on the side.

Monkey King: Asian fusion with awesome cocktails. Potstickers, dumplings, Korean sliced short ribs… it’s all amazing.


Harbor House Restaurant: My personal favorite. I recommend getting some of their crab cakes and maybe a Harbor Mary.


Maryjane’s Diner: At the Hard Rock Hotel. A very classy Hard Rock-style diner with great food selections and only a five minute walk from the convention center.


Common Stock: They have hot chicken. I don’t even need to explain further why you should eat here.

Water Grill: They have some great seafood and can seat bigger parties. You’re in San Diego, get some seafood.


Cali Cream: I heard from the owner of this ice cream shop that they will be opening a new downtown location before TwitchCon. There is one about 30 mins up north, and I would often make the drive up there with how good their flavors can be. It is so worth the drive and to have one that close to TwitchCon, I’d recommend everyone go to the one in downtown at least once.

Tajima: A great spot for Ramen, with multiple locations including one in downtown. You can’t go wrong.


Burgers, Bait, and Beer: One of the best kept secrets in the downtown area. It’s behind the convention center, just past Joe’s Crab Shack. It’s an incredible burger/dog spot right on the pier. Can’t beat lunch by the water!

Hangout spots

One of the most recommended spots is the Coin-Op Game Room Check out what everyone had to say about it:

It’s the perfect place to have a drink and a bite while playing some arcade games. And it’s only 6 blocks from SDCC. -Annemunition

One of my favorite spots to hang out. It’s like Dave and Busters, but in the immediate area. -Dracontious

I highly recommend this spot in the gaslamp as a hangout spot for gamers to grab a drink and game at the same time. For when you’re going through withdrawals and missing gaming during TwitchCon, I know we’ve all been there. - KuraiNozomi

Coin-Op is the coolest retro arcade bar in the heart of the Gaslamp District. It has the best atmosphere, incredible food/drinks, and that nostalgic feel for the arcades we all grew up loving! -Samzorz

If Coin-Op doesn’t sound like your jam, check out these other bars:


The Tipsy Crow: Nearby in the Gaslamp District. Not only a nice bar with good food, but the upstairs has two billiard tables, a dartboard, and a TV with a Nintendo system for (at the time) Wii Sports activities.


Prohibition: 1920’s themed bar that has space for larger groups, and sometimes features live music. Good bar for low-key gatherings.

Tin Roof: Big bar, lots of music, and can definitely fit your party of 15 people.

Photo ops


Japanese Friendship Garden, Balboa Park: Beautiful garden with bonsai trees, koi ponds, and incredible landscaping.

Sunset Cliffs: Gorgeous seaside cliffs and naturally-formed caves..


Pacific Beach and Mission Beach: Both have amazing boardwalks to enjoy shopping, restaurants, and street performers, as well some arcades and even a roller coaster at Mission Beach and even a surfing simulator at Wavehouse.


Coronado Beach: If you come from a landlocked state, or really anywhere that isn’t SoCal, you should definitely hit up the beach as well if you have time. One of my favorites is Coronado beach. Just a short drive over our giant bridge to Coronado island and you have some prime beach fun.


Coronado: Behind the convention center is an incredible view. There’s an overhang that looks over the harbor where you can see Coronado Bridge to Coronado Island all the way to the airport. I’ve captured some of my favorite sunsets from this spot!

Sightseeing and experiences

Our second widely recommended experience is the San Diego Zoo. It’s no wonder, based on these raving reviews:

I know sometimes people feel weird about the idea of animals being kept in enclosures, but the San Diego Zoo is renowned for their work in conservation and reintroduction of endangered species to the wild. They raise condors, tigers, polar bears, and are one of the few zoos to successful breed giant pandas. -Annemunition

One of my favorite places to go will always be the San Diego Zoo with friends so I can gaze in wonder at all my favorite animals and get lost in the attractions, not to mention all the Pokémon in Pokémon Go. -Dracontious

This zoo is legitimately the biggest and best zoo in the country - it’s amazing. They also have a separate Safari zone that is pretty cool as well. -Jericho

If the zoo isn’t the walk in the park you’re looking for, here are some literal walks in the park you might be looking for:


Mission Beach Boardwalk: Bikers, skaters, fire pits on the sand, amusement park rides, beach volleyball… Rent a scooter and cruise the boardwalk. It’s a little far from the convention center, but if you’re a newcomer to this edge of the continent then Mission Beach is the peak California experience.


The USS Midway: The Midway is a museum and tour of an aircraft carrier. It’s at your own pace, so you can go through it quickly or take your time.


Balboa Park: Very rich in history, museums, and a joy to walk around. I often would go to take my pup to the dog park there, but I also personally love to visit the pond and try to spot turtles.


Mission Beach and Belmont Park: Before moving to San Diego, I always made it a habit to visit both. There’s a little amusement park there and one of the best beaches San Diego has to offer. Now after living here, I still try to go as much as I possibly can!

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