Apr 16, 2021 - By Jon Bulava

Winners and Honorable Mentions of the Twitch Channel Points Hackathon

Today is an exciting day. After two months of your hard work and dedication, the Twitch Channel Points Hackathon comes to a close and we are thrilled to announce the winners of the competition! Channel Points have become a core part of how communities interact on Twitch. Rewards – especially custom rewards created by a broadcaster – are now an important way for communities to celebrate their unique culture and identity.

With the addition of the Channel Points API and EventSub’s real-time events that were announced in November, Twitch integrations can programmatically manage and fulfill custom rewards that viewers use to influence the content of a stream. These technologies provide an opportunity for third-party developers to build the most innovative interactive experiences for broadcasters and their viewers on Twitch.

And wow – the competition certainly delivered. There were about 500 participants who signed up and 60 projects submitted by the deadline. The projects covered a broad range of uses from applications that manipulate gameplay to tools that trigger physical elements in a streamer’s environment.

Earlier today the top ten nominees and the winners of the hackathon were announced on the TwitchDev channel. The results are also included below to learn more or try out each project for your own stream!

Hackathon Winners

Without further delay, here are the runner-up and winning projects for the hackathon with a description in their own words.

Broadcaster Tools Runner-up: CastMate

By Erin Fitzpatric and Scott Resnick

We were looking for fun ways for our viewers to interact with our different stream elements such as Hue lights, sound files, and OBS scenes. It started with a “Disco Party” channel reward and quickly evolved into so much more. Our focus for the hackathon was improving the broadcaster and viewer experience with an emphasis on broadcaster tools. As variety gamers ourselves, we were frustrated by the need to reconfigure active channel rewards every time we would switch games. There is already a lot of setup that goes into starting a Twitch stream and we wanted to make this experience easier for the broadcaster.

Broadcaster Tools Winner: Hydrate

By Tyler Anton

A lot of streams have channel point rewards that remind the streamer to hydrate (drink water). A friend of mine had the idea to take that a step further and allow the chat to actually hydrate the streamer. This project allows the chat to fill a cup with water via Channel Points. When this reward is redeemed, it activates a water pump that transports water from a container to a cup that’s visible on stream. I plan on moving from a breadboard setup to a custom PCB with a 3D printed enclosure and water reservoir.

Game Integrations Runner-up: Just Spinning

By Streaming Toolsmith

Just Spinning is heavily inspired by TV game shows, as well as fun/whimsical games like Fall Guys, Jackbox Party Packs, and others. My aim with any project is to increase the interactivity between streamers and their viewers. I usually do this with game integrations, but I figured spicing up a ‘Just Chatting’ segment was a fun change of pace. Using Channel Points, viewers are added to a queue of players. Whenever the streamer feels like it, they can trigger a ‘wheel spin’ that will determine a random game played by the streamer and the viewer. These quick, light-hearted games serve to break up the monotony of Just Chatting, and add even more interactions and fun highlights with the streamer.

Game Integrations Winner:There’s a Twitch Among Us

By Ricky T and Efren Aguilar

We created this mod with heavy inspiration from the GTA V Chaos mod, where Twitch Chat users can interact with what occurs in GTA V. We love playing Among Us with our friends, and thought something like this would be really fun to try making. By using Twitch Channel Points, Twitch viewers can redeem these points to interact with the broadcaster’s game of Among Us. With enough Points, determined by the broadcaster, viewers can kill a random player in the game, or swap all the positions of all the living players.

Honorable Mentions

In addition to the hackathon winners above, there are a number of honorable mentions that will receive some Twitch goodies and may be something fun for your own stream!

Bloons TD6 Streaming Channel Point Integration
By Peter Fredebold

By Jeroen van Baar, Nick Barth, and Joris Kok

By Instafluff TV

Duelers - Overlay Game for Streams
By J’Brian P

Stream Weather
By Instafluff TV and Maaya Konopaskova

By Jeroen van Baar, Nick Barth, and Joris Kok

Valheim Twitch Mod
By Sébastien Mischler

Thank You

We would like to extend a tremendous “thank you” to all of our competition judges for contributing their time to review submissions, especially our Twitch Partner guest judge, Mrgregles. Mrgregles is not a stranger to building custom interactive experiences for his community so stay tuned as he may just make an appearance on the TwitchDev channel soon!

Thank you for participating in the Twitch Channel Points Hackathon. Even if you did not win a prize, you are all contributing toward unique and innovative interactive experiences that Twitch broadcasters and their viewers are going to love.

Visit the Twitch Channel Points Hackathon project gallery to see demos of all the submissions.

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