Mar 31, 2022

Raise Your Swords for Mod Appreciation Day

Mod Appreciation Day has begun! 

Today, let’s officially celebrate the hardest working folks in chat. The ones who play a beloved and irreplaceable role in supporting creators and growing the communities you love. 

Twitch is a global community, so Mod Appreciation Day is a worldwide event. That means no matter where (or when) you are, you’re invited to celebrate. Mod Appreciation Day kicks off the morning of March 31 in the US, but for folks in APAC countries, it will already be April 1. 

New Global Emote

Mods are beloved by Twitch creators, communities, and everyone in between. Twitch wouldn’t be the same without them. The next time you want to show your appreciation for a mod, consider typing ModLove in chat. 

ooooh, ahhhh

Created by DREAM_OW, ModLove is available now for anyone who’d like to use it! We highly recommend shouting out your favorite Mods, and this emote will help make your message extra special. 

Mod Love Competition Winners!

A few weeks ago we kicked off the Mod Love Competition and invited Partners and Affiliates to sing their Mods’ praises to the whole wide internet. At stake: two $2500, three-day trips to TwitchCon San Diego, plus thousands in Twitch gift cards. 

Your response has been absolutely mod-umental, and we’ve had a blast going through your submissions. Unfortunately we don’t have time to show them all, but we’ve put together a mod-tage (sorry, that’s the last time) of mod love for your enjoyment. Check it out! 

Of course, now that the competition is over it’s also time to announce the winners. You can make a drum roll sound on the table if you’d like. The winners of the Creator + Mod trip for two to TwitchCon San Diego are: /sophtoph and ytxpikachu! Congratulations, and we’ll see you both in San Diego this October! 

100 other Mods will be receiving $250 in Twitch gift cards, so thank you to everyone who participated in showing maximum Mod love. 

New Mod Feature: /announce

Moderators’ mighty swords certainly catch your eye in chat, but even their green badge of honor can get lost in the mix when chat is packed with emotes or flying by at warp speed. Sometimes Mods need to make important announcements, celebrate a stream milestone, or just get chat’s attention. To help Mods do the work they need to do, we’re releasing a new command: /announce.
By using the /announce command, Mods and Creators will be able to highlight their messages so they’ll stand out boldly in chat. There are four default border colors, but Mods can also use the color designated by the creator instead.

This was a highly requested community feature, and your feedback was instrumental in getting this on our radar. We’re thrilled to /announce that it’s available today! 

Creator Camp Mod Update

In tandem with Mod Appreciation Day, we’ve updated the Creator Camp Moderation and Safety section. Learn more about why it’s important for creators to have a strategy for their mods about moderating their community, as well as advice on how moderators can work with creators on identifying and playing to their strengths. What tips do you have for new and current moderators?


Mod Appreciation Day is only one day long, but this community’s appreciation for what you do lasts 24/7/365. From everyone at Twitch and everyone in chat: thank you! You make the internet a better place. 

As always, we’ll be listening to your suggestions for ways to make Twitch safer. If you have any feedback on the new /announce feature, or any other feature for that matter, you know where to find us. 

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