Apr 18, 2022


You heard it right, the Gayming Awards are returning for a second round. In collaboration with /gaymingmag, we’re continuing to celebrate the incredible talent of the LGBTQIA+ community and help amplify better and fairer representation for the community.

Streamed live from the in-person event in London, the Gayming Awards will crown the games, personalities and initiatives that made the biggest impact on the community.

The Categories Are:

  • Game of the Year
  • Gayming Magazine Readers Award
  • Best LGBTQ Indie Game
  • LGBTQ Streamer of the Year
  • Authentic Representation Award
  • Best LGBTQ Character
  • Best LGBTQ Narrative
  • Industry Diversity Award
  • Gayming Icon Award
  • Best LGBTQ Contribution to Esports Award
  • Best LGBTQ Comic Book Moment Award

Twitch is also proud to sponsor two awards:  

  • LBGTQ+ Streamer of the Year Award
  • LGBTQ+ Rising Star Award

So grab some popcorn and take a seat in the chat to watch the awards with one of our featured co-streamers. 

The Gayming Awards will be broadcast on /gaymingmag on the Twitch front page on 25th April from 7.45pm - 9.30pm BST. 

Drumroll please! We’re excited to partner with this amazing line-up of Twitch creators to co-stream the show:

And If you’re a streamer yourself, bring your community along for the ride by co-streaming the Gayming Awards and celebrating together.

How To Co-Stream

On April 25th at 7.45pm BST, invite your community to be part of the event by co-streaming it on your channel! If you’re new to co-streaming, here is a guide to help get you started. 

Sweet Tips: 

  • We recommend using the ‘co-stream’ tag to help others find communities like yours engaging in the event.
  • Select the ‘Special Events’ category so viewers can find creators like you co-streaming the event.
  • And don’t forget to spread awareness on social media before the event, nobody will know you’re co-streaming the event if you don’t promote it! Let your viewers know ahead of time, thank us later.

Let the awards unfold and the epicness commence. 

Catch you at the show,


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