May 5, 2022

Finalize your designs and meet the cosplay contest judges for TwitchCon Amsterdam!

Wait, it’s May? No way. That means we’re right around the corner from TwitchCon Amsterdam’s Official Cosplay Contest application deadline! Here are some reminders on how to apply plus first looks at some of our confirmed judges. Buckle up fam, announcements incoming. 

So you may have seen that deadlines have long since passed for Community Panels, MeetUps, Musical Performances, Artist Alley, and the Drag Showcase. But don’t drop a stitch, because there’s still time to put those final touches on your work and submit for the Cosplay Contest in Amsterdam. The deadline is just over two weeks away, so make sure you get your entries in before the end of the day on Friday, 20 May.

To be eligible for the Cosplay Contest you’ll need to stream at least 15 hours of you making your costume on Twitch and submit before the deadline. We know all too well that an extra set of hands to assist goes a long way, that’s why we’re giving all selected finalists two complimentary badges to TwitchCon Amsterdam plus a travel stipend to attend the show. You can check out the full guidelines for entry here.

Winners in the Needlework, Armor, FX, Larger than Life, and community choice categories will all go home with $4,000 USD cash prizes, and the overall champion will win the $10,000 USD grand prize along with a trip to participate in TwitchCon San Diego’s Official Cosplay Contest set this October!

And now the moment you’ve been waiting for. (Drum roll, please.) Who will be judging your prodigious props and your superlative stitching? We’re honoured to announce that KamuiCosplay and Cinderys will be bringing their extensive expertise to our judging panel!

We’ll have more news about our panel of judges and hosts coming very soon. Make sure to  keep an eye out for upcoming TwitchCon Amsterdam schedule info and the TwitchCon San Diego Call for Content as well. Until then, get to crafting those cosplays!

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May 12, 2022

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