Jun 14, 2022

Bigger ad payouts to more Creators: The Ad Revenue Upgrade

A few months ago we introduced the Ads Manager tool and the Ads Incentive program (AIP). We wanted to make managing ads easier and test a method of helping Creators earn ad income more reliably. After so much positive Creator feedback, we’re going even bigger.

What’s the Ads Incentive Program?

The premise of the Ads Incentive program (AIP) is simple: each month a creator gets an offer. If they stream for a specific amount of hours in that month with a specific ad-density, they’ll receive a predetermined payout. Let the Ads Manager handle the ads and at the end of the month you get paid.

What’s the upgrade?

The program helped creators earn reliable income, so we’re throwing open the barn doors and throwing an AIP barn party (metaphorically). Here’s what’s changing:

Access: Today we’re opening up the program to more Twitch Partners than ever.

Increased pay rate:  Traditionally, we calculated Creator earnings from ads through a fixed CPM — a flat rate for every 1,000 ad views on their channel. To increase ad payouts and ensure we can pass price increases through to Creators, we’re moving away from our fixed CPM structure to a percentage-based revenue share model. This new model pays creators 55% of the revenue for each ad that runs on their stream*. This change represents a 50-150% ad pay rate increase for the vast majority of Creators on Twitch**.

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What about Affiliates?

Don’t worry, Affiliates. We’ve got good news coming in August.

55% goes for you, too: it’s not just AIP users who get the higher rev share, it’s qualifying Affiliates as well. Starting in August, just set Ads Manager to three minutes (or more) per hour. That’s it, that’s the end of the list. Do that? BAM. You’re qualified and you get a 55% ad revenue split on your payouts.*

So long, pre-rolls: Affiliates who opt-in to three minutes/hour get to stream free of pre-rolls AND enjoy an increased ad payouts.

We wanted to make running ads easier and more lucrative, and we hope this upgrade gets us closer to that goal. Twitch Partners can head to the Ads Manager section of their dashboard to see their offers. While Affiliates will have to wait until August, you can adjust your ad density in Ads Manager right now to be ready.This program is just the beginning, and we will continue working to upgrade the Creator experience. If you have questions, visit the help page here. Feedback? Great, that’s how we make the program better. Head over to UserVoice and, well, use your voice!

As part of this launch, we want to be clear about a few things:

AIP is optional: You can opt in as monthly offers become available, and you can opt out at any time. 

You will not earn less ad revenue through AIP: We won’t pay any Creator less ad money for opting into the Ads Incentive Program. If it turns out your AIP offer payout is lower than what you would have earned running ads outside of the program, we’ll pay you the higher amount. 

We’re here to help: Your AM and Partner help are all available to answer questions about your ad payouts.

*Payment will be made on a net basis, meaning revenue less (a) billing and other costs and fees paid to provide the Twitch Services; and (b) taxes, returns, refunds, chargebacks, discounts and credits

**Note: we took CPM values and average CPMs during 2021 to estimate rates on an equivalent revenue share model. Ad revenue depends on a variety of factors, such as audience size, ad availability, language and geography, time of year, etc.

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