Sep 20, 2022

TwitchCon San Diego 2022: Meet Our Sponsors and Exhibitors

The 2-week countdown to TwitchCon San Diego has begun. Tickets are still on sale, the schedule is up, and, now, we’re excited to share some of the many exhibitors and sponsors that are going to make this year’s celebration absolutely legendary. 

TwitchCon 2022 has more action-packed activities, more exhibitors, and more sponsors than ever. So many that we can’t even fit them in this blog post. Check out the full list on the TwitchCon site — including our amazing exhibitors within our Artist Alley and Charity Zone —and browse the floor map to plan your convention route. 

This year, we have six incredible Presenting Sponsors bringing some pretty amazing content and experiences to the Twitch community. Check it out. 

  • Capital One. Stop by the Capital One Mobile Café for drinks, snacks, and giveaways. Relax and recharge yourself or your mobile devices. Oh, and if you have a Capital One debit or credit card, don’t forget to bring it with you to the Loot Cave for perks and exclusive discounts on your fave TwitchCon swag from Oct 7 - Oct 9.
  • Intel will supply the best gaming PCs from CLX and Intel NUC throughout TwitchCon, where 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors will deliver the power and performance gamers need. Attendees onsite can also swing by the Intel booth for hands-on demonstrations with the Intel team.
  • Lenovo Legion is hosting an epic 1vs1 gladiatorial tournament. Teetering on a narrow pedestal, contestants go head-to-head to knock their competitors into the abyss. This epic tournament will be live streamed to fans around the world. For those attending in person, Legion will be gifting prizes —including the latest Lenovo Legion products — throughout the event. Ready for the most exciting gladiatorial spectacle of the year?
  • Gonna Need Milk will present the @gonnaneedmilk “How Fast Are You?” activation to test your physical and mental performance with an epic head-to-head gaming competition. Everyone can refuel with some chocolate milk and limited edition swag, but the competitor with the fastest hands will earn the grand prize trophy created by a Twitch artist.
  • Prime Video is offering you a chance to experience the sights and sounds of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power through a custom extended screen theater, and go on an interactive journey into the new series The Peripheral at its TwitchCon booth. Check both shows out at Booth #1617.
  • Wendy’s brings the Wendyverse to life at TwitchCon! Throw on a headset and visit the Wendyverse in Horizon Worlds or have a French Toast (pugil) Stick joust with your friends in the real world, then swing by for a Frosty. 

Stop by their booths and show them some love!

Next stop: Parties. Shout out to our sponsors for making the TwitchCon Party, TwitchCon LAN party, and Cosplay Contest some of the most exciting stops on the hype train.

  • Amazon Games presents the official TwitchCon Party on** **Saturday night. Need a break from the dance floor? Visit Amazon Games’ booth to immerse yourself in Lost Ark’s small but mighty Mokoko Village, where you can explore and play in a beautiful place, hidden away from the world’s troubles.
  • Prime Gaming’s Crown Channel on Twitch, which highlights “that JUST happened!” moments of modern gaming, presents San Diego’s Cosplay Contest. Illustrious hosts and a panel of all-star judges will name the winners across four categories — Armour, FX, Larger Than Life, and Needlework — and determine this year’s Grand Prize Winner. Drop by The Crown Channel booth to see if you’ve got what it takes to be on Crown (and for epic swag).

Whether you’re attending in person or tuning in online, TwitchCon LAN,**** Powered by AT&T Fiber, allows you to watch the community play games, follow tournaments, and check out your favorite developers and brands.

  • TwitchCon LAN, Powered by AT&T Fiber. AT&T Fiber is powering the LAN at TwitchCon with up to 1-Gig speeds. With this game-changing high-speed internet, you can squad up, showcase your skills, and earn a main-stage showdown with AT&T Class of 2022 Emerging Creators and Mentors. Winning squads will receive free Twitch gift cards to redeem TwitchCon merch at the Loot Cave. Guests will also have the opportunity to put their name in the running to be selected as an Emerging Creator in the fourth and final cohort of the AT&T Class Of 2022. Simply hop into the AT&T Class of 2022 audition pod and record your “audition tape” for the chance to be featured.
  • Amazon Games’s Lost Ark takes over the LAN on Saturday, October 8th, from 9AM to 1PM PST. Watch your favorite streamers fight a 4-player Legion Raid and then get an opportunity to use leveled-up classes to beat their winning time. Showcase your strength, power, and strategy, and seize your shot at glory.
  • Think you can Game Better with Butterfinger? On Sunday, October 9th, from 9AM to 1PM PDT, @Butterfinger is hosting an Overwatch challenge in the LAN that gives you sweeter rewards the better you play. Come by yourself or with your full squad and compete in head-to-head matches against other attendees, unlocking rewards for each round you survive. Make it all the way to the top and earn a live showdown with a squad of Butterfinger Twitch Streamers that are not messing around when it comes to Overwatch! Check out the Butterfinger Twitch Channel to #GameBetterWithButterfinger.
  • Intel will be also supporting the LAN with hardware throughout the weekend**.**12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors will deliver the power and performance gamers need in the LAN gaming and streaming stations. 

Tune in to the TwitchCon LAN, Powered by AT&T Fiber, online to watch the programming all weekend long.

A full weekend is bound to tire you — and your devices — out. Recharge, refuel, and reconnect with your favorite streamers with the help of some of our sponsors and exhibitors. 

  • Verizon is keeping everyone connected with complimentary WiFi in the Expo Hall for all attendees at TwitchCon, so don’t forget to sign in once you get to the convention. On Friday, Verizon is also presenting a panel discussion with TheSushiDragon and QuarterJade about IRL mobile streaming.
  • Relax, unwind, and recharge your mobile devices at the Chevron Mobile Charging Stations. Or test your skill at a classic arcade racer and compete to be named the 2022 Chevron Unbeatable Player of the day.
  • Visit the Kappa Cabana Lounge, Sponsored by StockX to kick back; grab food; sip drinks; and enjoy exclusive gaming, tech, and fashion activities — including meet and greets, giveaways, and livestreams brought you by StockX. View the complete music lineup.
  • Velveeta is bringing the cheese to TwitchCon 2022 at the Streamer Station. Sign up for daily stream sessions and swing by early to secure your 1-hour spot (and your own cheesy snack). If you’re attending in person, you can take home free samples and watch Twitch streamers showcase what it means to live outrageously the La Dolce Velveeta way.
  • Speaking of treats, streamers will get the chance to check out some primo sound and streaming solutions from RØDE, a leader in audio technology. They will be unveiling a range of new products at TwitchCon 2022. Head to the Streamer Station to be the first in the world to see them in action and get exclusive early access. sunfyretv (Friday @ 4PM PDT), HAYZEE (Saturday 11AM @ PDT), and YoungGun (Sunday @ 11AM PDT) will also be streaming across the weekend.

Twitch Rivals, sponsored by Capital OneCrypto.comDunkin’Pizza HutState Farm and Verizon, is bringing your favorite streamers together for three full days of competitive action. Stop by the Twitch Rivals Arena to catch events including the Balloon World Cup Regional Championships, presented by Prime Gaming; Minecraft MOBA; Apex Legends Mode Mash-Up; Zero Build Finale ft Fortnite; and the Twitch Rivals Ultimate Challenge Gauntlet. If you can’t make it to San Diego, you can watch everything live on /TwitchRivals

TwitchCon wouldn’t be TwitchCon without all our talented Partners, and we have some special activities lined up to show our gratitude.

  • Mana, the banking app that lets you slay, achieve, and win, is powering the Partner Party to kick off TwitchCon. All Partner badge holders will be welcome to attend.
  • Prada Fragrance is also leveling up the Partner experience with an interactive olfactive installation in the Partner Lounge. Luna Rossa Ocean will ignite your senses and open new horizons with one of the most complimented fragrances. All attendees can enjoy a sample of the fragrance found in their TwitchCon swag bags. 

View the full list of sponsors and exhibitors on the official TwitchCon site and start planning your itinerary for TwitchCon 2022. 

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