Nov 10, 2022

New Fall Merch is Here: Two new collections. All the vibes.

The term, Fall Season, was originally coined in the early 1500s. It comes from the Latin Phrase: Tempus Novus Twitch merch et tu properas amare, which roughly translates to “Season of New Twitch merch you are going to fall in love with”.  And it’s time to fall in love with the new Y2KEKW and SeemsGoodFeelsGood Fall merch collections. 

The Y2KEKW collection is more than just mashed-up patterns, graphics and colors. It’s a mash-up of all the expressiveness the Twitch Community brings every single day. And we stitched it all together for the whole world to see so you can wear them on your sleeve in the loudest and most unapologetic way possible. The SeemsGoodFeelsGood collection is style for all of your senses. It screams joyful and playful while literally and figuratively wrapping you in comfort. This collection doesn’t just embrace feeling good. It embodies it. 
Whether you want to dress to express or feel like you’re chilling in a hot tub full of warm mashed potatoes, check out all the new merch now at the Loot Cave

We’re excited to see what you go with and we’ll see you in chat!


In other news
Nov 14, 2022

Creator Camp 2.0: Continue Your Streaming Journey

How do you make custom emotes? Which camera should you use? Who the heck is Kappa? Streaming can lead to a variety of challenging questions.
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Nov 1, 2022

Twitch + Xbox: Sub to streamers and get PC Game Pass

For a limited time, we’re teaming up with Xbox to provide a PC Game Pass trial when you support Twitch streamers with subscriptions! From November 3 at 10 AM PT until November 11 at 3 PM PT, you’ll get 3 months of PC Game Pass  (valid for new Game Pass members only) when you purchase two new Twitch subs and/or gift subs.
Twitch + Xbox: Sub to streamers and get PC Game Pass Post