Nov 14, 2022

Creator Camp 2.0: Continue Your Streaming Journey

How do you make custom emotes? Which camera should you use? Who the heck is Kappa? Streaming can lead to a variety of challenging questions. That’s why, in 2018, we launched Creator Camp: a one-stop-shop where you could find answers, learn valuable skills, and up your streaming game. And it’s worked. In fact, streamers who completed just two tutorials on Creator Camp saw a 650% increase in daily minutes broadcast. 

Today, we’re excited to announce a fresh, new redesign that makes it even easier to discover the help you need so you can continue your streaming journey. There are seven Paths to choose from, each with a helpful tutorial video starring some of your favorite streamers. You can also join Partner live sessions where you can get your questions answered in real time. And after you complete each Path you don’t just get knowledge, you get a fancy achievement badge to show off too. 

No matter where you are in your streaming journey, Creator Camp can help you get to the next step so you can do what you do best, even better. Check out Creator Camp today.

In other news
Nov 16, 2022

Introducing Guest Star Week: starring you!

Guest Star week is here! And it’s a party! Show us how you use Guest Star, or see how other streamers are using it to add to their stream all week long on the homepage.
Introducing Guest Star Week: starring you! Post
Nov 10, 2022

New Fall Merch is Here: Two new collections. All the vibes.

Y2KEKW and SeemsGoodFeelsGood merch just dropped!
New Fall Merch is Here: Two new collections. All the vibes. Post