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Analytics that help you work smarter

Dec 6 2022

Whether it’s streaming in a new category, creating clips to promote your channel, or using a new tool while you’re live, we know you’re always experimenting with new strategies to get discovered and keep viewers coming back. But how do you know what actually works? 

That’s where analytics come in. The analytics in your Creator Dashboard should empower you with data to understand what’s working and what’s not so you can make informed decisions that will help you reach your goals with less effort. But we’ve heard from many of you that the data we currently offer feels limited and difficult to understand. That’s about to change.

What are we doing?

We’re committing to giving you better analytics that help you work smarter. We’ve done detailed research to understand the gaps we need to fill and we will spend the coming months making improvements across three key areas based on your feedback

  1. Redesigning analytics to make the data you need easier to find: Our research showed that over half of streamers were missing out on important data because analytics pages were too long and information was buried within panels. We’ll fix this with gradual design changes to the analytics surfaces and keep you informed so you never miss out when things move around.
  2. New and improved data so you can dig deeper into your performance: We’ll also focus on providing new data and additional filters that deliver the information that streamers want most, like understanding which days and times are best to stream, viewer discovery trends, measuring new viewer retention, and more.
  3. Insights and education to help you put your analytics to action: You shouldn’t have to be an analytics expert to understand and apply data to improve your content strategy, and we’ve heard that you want guidance on how to make the data we offer useful to you. We’ll be adding educational content, visualizations, and personalized insights to make it easier to understand growth trends over time, learn how to set measurable goals, track the results of your experiments with analytics, and translate data into actions you can take to grow.

There’s a lot of work to be done, and it’s going to take us some time to implement all of the improvements we have planned - but we don’t want to keep you waiting until it’s all done. We’ll roll out updates as they become available so you can access them as soon as possible, starting today.

Here’s what’s rolling out this week: 

And here’s a sneak peek at more updates to expect in the coming months

More information about each of the individual new features and experiments is available on the Twitch Help Portal. Keep an eye on your analytics in the Creator Dashboard to see if you have access to the new data and share feedback with us about what tools, data, and improvements you’d like to see across analytics on UserVoice.

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