Dec 8, 2022

Twitch Unity Guilds Launching Pilot Program 2023 - Call For Leaders

Looking for Leaders for Our New Twitch Unity Guilds

Today, we’re excited to announce Twitch Unity Guilds: our next initiative to make Twitch a more inclusive space. We’ve heard from historically underserved streamers that you need more opportunities to build your communities on Twitch and grow year round. So for our pilot program in 2023, we’re launching individual Guilds to empower historically underserved communities to connect and grow all year long, each managed by Partnered streamers serving as Guild Leaders, with funding from Twitch. 

The Twitch Unity Guilds program includes funding, branding, and a Discord space for networking, development, and celebration. In addition to the activities Guild leaders will collaborate on with members, Twitch will also plan a series of helpful workshops, events, recognition, and marketing opportunities throughout the year. 

To build the spaces you want to build, we’re looking for inspired leaders from the community — two per Guild, each serving a one-year leadership term in 2023. As a Guild Leader, you’ll have an amazing opportunity to help shape the Guild, build an important community space, and work on programs to support and uplift members of the Guild. We understand that while this will be exciting and meaningful, it will also require a lot of work. That’s why we’re providing funding to each leader to manage the communities and bring these Twitch Unity Guilds to life.

For 2023, we’re beginning with Guilds for Black, Women, and Latinx/Hispanic Partners in the US and Canada. In addition, we are also welcoming Affiliates to apply that have been invited by a Twitch Unity Guild Leader. In this pilot program, we’ll have learnings and feedback to evaluate before we can scale to more underserved communities and countries in the future. We want to get this right and inspire Guild leaders to build communities and programs that have a lasting impact.

Guild Leader applications are open now through January 6th, 2023. Candidates must be Twitch Partners (or Affiliates that have been invited to apply) in good standing and self-identify as Black, a woman, and/or Latinx/Hispanic in the Streamer Community Survey. If you’re interested, please apply here. For those of you interested in joining these Guilds as a member, stay tuned! We’ll put out a separate membership call early next year. 

We’d also like to call out how important the Twitch Women’s Alliance (TWA) was to the formation of Twitch Unity Guilds. The TWA was formed in 2021 by an all-women team of Twitch executives, and their work was vital in helping us shape this pilot program. We’ll be inviting all women of TWA to join the new Guild and collaborate on this next chapter. 

Our goal is to make Twitch the best place to be a streamer. For that to be true, Twitch must be the best place for anyone to stream — safely, authentically, and with opportunities to grow. Over the past few years, we’ve been investing heavily in making Twitch more inclusive and diverse. From the launch of our Streamer Community Survey to fuel more inclusive products, to a constantly growing roster of products and policies that protect historically underserved communities who see disproportionate harassment online, we’re just getting started.

Becoming a Twitch Unity Guild Leader:  FAQs

I applied to be a Guild Leader; when will I know if I am selected to move forward?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Twitch Unity Guilds Leader! All applicants will hear back from Twitch on the status of their application no later than February 23rd, 2023.  

Is this a paid opportunity?

Yes, you will receive a fee as a Twitch Unity Guilds Leader. 

There is a Black, Women, and Latinx/Hispanic Guild. Why weren’t other Guild affinities created?

Based on learnings and feedback from community members, we’ll prioritize these launches in our pilot year.  In this pilot program, we’ll have learnings and feedback to evaluate before we can scale to more underserved communities and countries in the future. We want to get this right and build communities and programs alongside Guild leaders that have a lasting impact.

Can allies be a part of the guild?

No. While support from allies is appreciated, Creators that self-identify with the guild will be considered for leadership and membership.

Can I apply to be a Guild Leader for more than one Guild? 

Yes! There is a requirement that you self-identify with the Guild that you are applying for. Therefore, if you identify with more than one Guild then you may apply to be a Guild Leader of both, however, you will only be selected to lead one Guild. But to note, you can be a member of more than one Guild if you identify with multiple.

I’d like to apply to be a Guild Leader, but I’ve had a recent infraction. Can I still be considered?

Unfortunately Guild Leaders must be clear of any infractions on Twitch within the past 30 days. 

Where can I learn more about the Guild Leader Requirements before I apply to be a Guild Leader? 

A full description of the Guild Leader Requirements can be found inside of the Guild Leader application form

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