Dec 13, 2022

Twitch Recap 2022 is here!

Woah, 2022 is basically over? You know what that means. It’s Recap season. This year, we came together like never before for Ragnarok, inaugural Drag Showcases, record-breaking speedruns, sports talk, people dressed up as chickens, actual chickens, and so much more. 

So, are you ready to see your top categories, most spammed emotes, and just how many hours you spent on Twitch in 2022? Wait no more – for the first time ever, you can view and download your Recap right on Twitch

All you have to do is log in and check your dashboard, where your Recap will be live starting December 13th for a limited time (until mid-January 2023). Oh, and we also made it easier to share it with the entire internet, too - at the bottom of your personal Viewer and/or Streamer recaps, you can download a shareable graphic to show off your year on Twitch with #TwitchRecap

Also new this year is our Community Recap. See what the most played games and most spammed emotes were across the globe. 

Well, all we can say is GGWP! See you next year.

More questions?

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