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2023: An Open Letter from Our Chief Product Officer and Chief Monetization Officer

Jan 25 2023

Hello, Twitch! My name is Tom Verrilli, and I’m the Chief Product Officer here at Twitch. My co-author today is Mike Minton, Chief Monetization Officer at Twitch. It’s the start of a new year, and in the spirit of new beginnings, we’d like to share some of our plans with you. 

You stream and build communities on our service, so we want to give you some more insight into what we’re doing to help you do what you do best. As Chief Product Officer, my team’s mission is to create tools and features that enable the community to easily create amazing content, and to ensure that content is found by viewers who will enjoy it. Our Monetization team is focused on helping streamers of all sizes earn income doing what they love, as well as reward and recognize viewers who support their favorite streamers. With our powers combined, we can give you the big picture view of what streamers can expect from us this year. 

First, let’s start with a recap of what Twitch launched for streamers in 2022. 

2022 in Review

In 2022, we launched experiments and improved tools and features to help address some of the common pain points impeding your growth. We also launched a variety of products to help you make more money by using a mix of different monetization tools depending on where you are in your streaming journey.As a result, streamers earned over $1 billion across Twitch in 2022. 

These are some of the tools and changes that helped make all that possible: 

2023 Lookahead

Our main focus for the year is your growth — both for your communities and for your earnings on Twitch. In the first half of 2023, we’re launching products and tools that make it easier for you to earn without impacting growth, while also improving many of our existing products by expanding their capabilities so they can work harder for you. 

Giving you more options to earn

New tools that reduce the effort to promote your stream on and off Twitch

Making running ads easier and better for you

Improving how and where ads show up on Twitch

Improving Guest Star with easier collaboration and customization

Creating first party tools to better celebrate viewers

Giving you better insight into what’s working and where there are opportunities to improve the content you stream. 

Helping you recognize and connect with your community, whether you’re live or offline

Doubling down on discovery improvements that help viewers discover new content

Going Forward

We love seeing what you can do when you’re enabled and empowered. We’re launching these features and tools because we want you to be able to build the communities you want to build, more easily and more reliably. 

Together, we can make Twitch better for all of us, so it’s important that we show up, tell you about what we’re working on, and get your input. We’ll also share updates more consistently to get you excited about what we’re building. This year, to help enable that feedback, we’re trying a few new things to help make those conversations easier and more frequent. 

First, we’ll be launching an experiments help page to give you more insight into some of the experiments we’re running on Twitch, whether you’re taking part in an experiment or not. We’re also committing to showing up on stream more to share regular updates and answer your questions.

This list isn’t comprehensive, and we’ll share more details about what we’re working on when we can. In fact, tomorrow is our first Patch Notes of the year and we will be talking more live about what we’ve shared here. Come join us on at 12 noon PT, and we’ll see you in chat.

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