Apr 11, 2024

Together for Mod Appreciation Day

Moderators are essential to the Twitch experience. With their iconic green swords, they serve your favorite communities as welcoming voices, knowledgeable helpers, and enforcers of chat all in one. As a thank you for all their work, today, April 11, we’re bringing the entire Twitch community together to shine a much deserved spotlight on all the Mods for Mod Appreciation Day!

We’re encouraging all streamers and viewers to show some love to the Mods for the work they do by spamming the :ModLove: emote in chat and giving special shoutouts to the Mods who keep their channels running!

And to help Mods do their important work more easily, we’re rolling out a few product updates and special announcements regarding moderation tools – particularly for Mods who moderate on mobile.

  • Mod View was first introduced on Mod Appreciation Day back in 2020, and is the all-in-one home for the tools moderators need to access to keep their communities safe. We’ve heard from a lot of you that you want more tools for moderating on mobile, and we’re excited to announce that Mod View is rolling out today in the Twitch iOS app.
  • Mod View on iOS will launch with 5 widgets to start, and we are working on adding more widgets over the next few months so be sure to keep an eye out for updates! And don’t worry Android users, support for Mod View in the Android app is in the works.

In addition, we’ve often heard from streamers and Mods that they use an informal three-strike system when managing chatter behavior in their communities – a warning, a timeout, and then finally a ban. However, to issue a warning, Mods need to message users directly, which can open them up to harassment. As we shared at TwitchCon Las Vegas last year, we’re introducing a feature where Mods can anonymously send warnings to chatters, who will need to acknowledge the warning before they can chat again. This feature will start rolling out in the next month.

For anyone interested in becoming a Mod or looking to learn how to navigate these new tools, we’re adding new articles to Creator Camp. You can also tune into twitch.tv/creatorcamp on Wednesday, April 24 at 11 am PST.

Happy Mod Appreciation Day! Let’s see that ModLove spam in every channel, and don’t forget to thank a Mod!


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