May 14, 2024

Announcing New Partner Discords

Streamers are the foundation of Twitch. The communities you build and the content you create are what makes Twitch, Twitch. We provide you with a service to share your content, safely build and maintain a community, and earn money doing what you love. We also have programs and resources to help make live streaming easier and help you reach your goals. From Creator Camp guides to help you level up, to 24/7 Live Chat support, to promotional opportunities on the homepage and participation in brand campaigns–we’re focused on supporting your ambitions wherever you are in your streaming journey.

The Twitch community has seen significant growth over the past five years. In that time, we’ve nearly doubled the number of Partners to more than 78K, expanded Affiliates by more than 4x to 3.5 million and more than doubled hours watched to 22 billion hours watched in 2023. As our community has grown, we’ve evolved the way we support, educate, and engage creators on Twitch, always with the goal to provide this support to as many streamers as possible. With this, we’ve increased our investment to provide more timely responses: last year we launched Live Chat for Partners and Affiliates to provide personalized 24/7 support. Live Chat helps you quickly answer your questions or resolve nearly any problem–whether it’s account, payments, or policy related.

One of Twitch’s most important roles is to create spaces for creators to come together and connect with each other. Over the past few years, we’ve launched and expanded new forums and programs for you to safely and effectively network, collaborate, and grow together. We’ve helped support local Meet Ups, set up regional Discord servers, created the Twitch Ambassadors program, and more – all with the goal of helping bring Partners together and build communities around shared interests, locations, and languages.

Last year we launched Unity Guilds, and have grown Guild membership to more than 1,600 Partners and Affiliates across the Twitch Black, Women, and Hispanic Guilds. The Guilds were created to empower historically underserved communities and provide opportunities for collaboration, development, and celebration. Members have told us that the connections formed in the Guilds have been instrumental in their Twitch experience. The success of the Guilds and regional Discord servers are some of the factors that led us to explore other opportunities to invest in spaces for Partners to come together at scale.

Introducing New & Improved Partner Discords

Today, we’re launching and updating Partner Discords to provide a space for Partners to come together and build communities. We will support nine servers across seven languages and regions in order to create more opportunities for Partners to connect and collaborate:

  • English-language North America
  • English-language Asia Pacific
  • English-language Europe, Middle East & Africa
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Portuguese

In the past we’ve maintained some Partner-only Discords in a number of regions, but they haven’t always provided a consistent experience across languages. By organizing the servers around shared languages, we believe we can unlock new opportunities for collaboration. We recognize that many Partners speak multiple languages, or may have a large portion of their community based in another country. We won’t limit the number of Discords you can join so you can participate in the communities that best meet your needs.

In addition to creating spaces for Partners to connect and collaborate, we’ll use these channels to share relevant updates, get your feedback, and highlight new opportunities for Partners. To learn more about the Partner Discord servers, including how to join, server guidelines, and FAQs, visit our help page or Creator Home.

To close, we want to remind you that Twitch is here to support you throughout your journey. We’re proud to cheer for you in chat, build products to help you grow, keep you safe, help you earn, and provide spaces for you to connect. We’ll continue finding new ways to bring the community together, celebrate your achievements, and help you reach your goals.

We’ll be live on Patch Notes on /Twitch on Wednesday, May 15 at noon PST to talk more about the programs and answer your questions.

- Pontus Eskilsson, VP of Global Partnerships

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